Amath Gamified Workbook to Make your Learning More Effective

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Amath is a gamified assistant practice app. Amath presents traditional workbooks in a gamified way. It makes you feel that the process of doing workbooks is a process of playing games, thereby increasing users’ enthusiasm for workbooks and improving the efficiency of practice.

Practice-books are an indispensable learning tool for learning. They play a very important role in improving academic performance and practice.The traditional learning app reinforces feedback, but it is not sufficient for fun and entertainment mining.

Amath’s game-based workbook aims at the headache of students doing teaching assistant exercises; taps students’ inherent learning potential from the source, stimulates the interest of teaching assistant practice through game mechanism, and enables students to complete teaching assistant practice tasks in automatic and spontaneous games.

Amath teaching assistant exercises help players complete practice tasks and make their learning more effective.

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