What Does Amath Bring to Users?

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Amath, as a gamified workbook app, brings users fun to the game while also completing the basic educational goals:

  1. Amath brings confidence to players. Amath’s progressive learning goals make it easy for players to complete game tasks, thereby fostering confidence in learning.
  2. Amath brings high scores to players. The design of the Amath level is directly aimed at the educational knowledge test site, so the game process is also a test simulation process, which lays the foundation for the player’s high score in the test.
  3. Amath develops good learning habits for players. With the help of game mechanics, Amath makes the learning habits of players endogenously driven. In the process of constantly passing through the game, cultivate the learning habit of loving practice.
  4. Amath brings empowerment to players, by stimulating the players’ inherent learning potential, empowering players to learn, so as to tap their own maximum learning potential.

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