What is Amath?




Amath is designed to addresses the major pain point in math practice. It has developed PROVEN methodologies that takes the best elements of games, loyalty programs and behavior economics.

Amath attracts learners to practice proactively and with sustained efforts. Over time, learners get into flow, become motivated by intrinsic value and achieve mastery.

Amath has the potential to replace paper-based homework assigned by teachers.

Course designed according to State Standard Common Core:  http://www.corestandards.org/Math/

What does Amath have?

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Customer rating

“This is actually the first time that my son wants to spend time learning because Amath is so fun.”
Mellia L.
Amath parent



“My daughter aces her school math tests after using Amath.”
Liz Y.
Amath parent



“Amath is challenging but very fun. My daughter worked hard on math problems just to get new outfits.”
Janet Z.
Amath parent



“With Amath, my son mastered the entire semester’s materials within days. “
Tina M.
Amath parent