Yuefei Su

CEO, VP Product

  • Successful serial entrepreneur with 20+ years in the education
    publishing and educational game space.
  • Started and grew an online practice business to active user
    base of 10M, and paying user base of 1M.
  • Created 200+ educational Apps, including successful launch of
    many gamified educational Apps

Hua Peng


  • Seasoned entrepreneur with ~5 years in Edu tech. Co-founded and grew an AI-powered language learning App to 100K paying users.
  • When working at Bain & Company, developed and implented strategies for 30+ clients.
  • Deep experiences in FP&A with a CPA background

Engineering & Product Development

  • 5 Beijing based developers who have been working as a team for 5+ years.
  • Successfully developed and maintained 50+ educational Apps