Amath- contains 5 question banks

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Amath includes gamification practice, gamification exercises, gamification homework, gamification tests, and gamification simulation exams. 

Before the exam, students need a lot of practice to get good results, so Amath provides users with interesting question bank practice services in terms of exercises/questions/homework/tests/exams in a gamified way.

Gamification practice includes synchronized exercises, classroom exercises, unit exercises, and special exercises.

Gamification questions include multiple-choice/fill-in-the-blank/calculation /true or false /essay, etc.

Gamified homework includes homework, extracurricular homework, etc.

Gamification tests include unit tests, classroom tests, special tests, monthly tests, etc.

Gamification exams include quizzes, high school entrance exams, college entrance exams, graduation exams, professional exams, etc.

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