Learning philosophy

How educational games solve the problem of learning motivation?


One of the biggest functions of educational games is to learn to design like a game, so that users can learn the knowledge in the game.

The biggest attraction of the game is that it has the ability to automatically spontaneously immerse users in it and generate interest in learning.

The essence of educational games is to use game principles to generate interest and apply them to learning, and ultimately solve learning motivation and improve academic performance.

Educational games make full use of the game’s mechanics, such as honor, status, achievements and other elements, and make full use of the game’s goals, feedback, plot, lottery, check-in, ranking and other mechanisms to make learning fun, challenging and entertaining. Thereby increasing learning motivation, triggering learning behavior and achieving learning goals.

how to make children get A in math easily?

AMATH’s exploration game mechanism that is used in children’s math learning and answering tests. Use game mechanics to increase children’s interest in math learning.

NO Learning philosophy Way of expression How can express ideas Meaning for students
1 Take the exam first and learn later Do the questions first, then return to the learning mode if you do something wrong Break the traditional learning sequence, don’t waste time, and don’t let students learn what they already know and get bored If you already know, you don’t have to waste time studying. If you don’t know how to learn, you can deepen your memory.
2 Target Guidance Course guide for each chapter Guided learning Do not give answers directly so that students have the ability to solve problems
3 Music aid Active learning music Music stimulates the learning ability of the brain Help students concentrate and stimulate their inner potential
4 Adaptive There is a study guide, unlimited learning, review, and key collection Efficient learning Don’t develop the habit of procrastination
5 Motivative learning  Long-term interest, enthusiasm, sense of honor, sense of mission Motivation allows students to learn actively Establish self-confidence and be more yearning for future learning
6 Forward practice No points will be deducted for wrong questions, no wrong images will appear on wrong questions Positively guide students Don’t let students feel frustrated
7 Share learning Share button Share your own learning results Make students feel more fulfilled
8 PK learning Can view the ranking Learning is a big space Make students more enthusiastic about studying hard by comparing with other students
9 Fragmented learning The practice questions for each chapter can be completed in just a few minutes We promote efficient learning For younger children, short-term focus can bring about efficient learning
10 promote pleasure learning You can purchase costumes with gold coins by completing the course Let learning become a joy Make students more yearning for learning
11 Advanced learning The content of each chapter is divided into modules, 12 modules represent 12 months, 15 days of study each month represent 15 courses, 6-10 questions are answered every day, and the content of each day is advanced Advanced learning Let students learn new things in every chapter
12 Spontaneous learning Daily check-in and winning gold coins can trigger spontaneous learning Active learning Students turn passive learning into active
13 Learn by practicing Return to the learning interface by doing the wrong question and then back to the doing interface 10 seconds of forced study time for wrong questions Let students have a better grasp of the knowledge points they don’t understand
14 Gamified learning The latest software around this theme requires students to unlock different tasks Unlock different tasks Let students have a sense of mission in learning software
15 Self-test There is a challenge exercise every day Countdown challenge exercise Give students the opportunity to challenge themselves and gain a sense of accomplishment
16 Limited time learning 20 seconds to answer questions, 10 seconds of compulsory learning time Answer the questions within a limited time, otherwise you will jump to the learning interface Complete homework in time, develop time management skills and focus
17 Timely feedback When a student does a wrong topic, the learning software will automatically guide the student to enter the learning mode, transcripts, honor certificates, and learning badges Guide students into learning mode Allow students to correct their mistakes in time
18 Intrinsic motivation Transform external incentives into internal motivation, autonomy, interest, and achievement Addictive mechanism Develop students’ intrinsic motivation for learning
19 Stories for learning win a playmate  The theme of the story is 5 magical devices Students can get the motivation to learn from the theme of the story and solve more pets
20 Surprise learning badge, certificate, etc  When students complete a certain course, they can get a badge/certificate and chance to draw a lottery. The badge/certificate can inspire students and make them more confident to continue playing