What is Amath? It’s a mathematical gamification learning app.
Amath is suitable for whom? It’s a supplement mathematics app suitable for 4-15 years old children. 
What courses does Amath have? P/K and grade 1-8 math courses
What is the difference between Amath and other math learning apps? Amath is a game learning app designed for unpacking children’s motivation.
At what grade level does Amath start learning? We are starting from the P grade.
Does Amath meet the general core state of mathematics standards? Suitable for core state of mathematics standards
What is included in the Amath courses? Mathematics learning content 
What courses are included in the Amath modules? Modules included mathematics materials required in each grade.
How many questions does each course contain? There are six questions in each course.
What are the differences between 6 questions in each Amath course? Reinforce knowledge learning from multiple dimensions 
What are the question types in Amath? Q&A/ fill in the blanks/ selections/ judgments/ calculations 
How do Amath courses train students’ abilities? Mathematical thinking ability. 
Does Amath have tutorial books? No
Does Amath have offline tutoring classes? No
Does Amath have courses in other subjects? Not now 
How to set up the learning time of Amath course? Can be arranged independently based on personal mathematics foundation and learning speed.
From which grade does the child start learning? Learning from low grade to high grade gradually
How to  get the child’s account? Parents help to apply
Can I use a tablet to learn? Yes
What kind of learning methods are adopted to guide children to learn? Learning with parents works the best; parents are tutors of their children.
What are the learning motivation methods? 5 Incentives for Growth/ Model/ Partners/ Model/ Honor
How to motivate children to complete tasks?  First, tell the story to the child, set the motivational goals to be won, and then give guidance.
Do parents need to learn with their children? Need to give children guidance
How to adjust music? There is a switch for sound effects. 
Will children be addicted to games? No, this leaning app will only increase learning motivation
Is there any way to repeat learning? There is a repeat button located on the homepage
Can you collect key learning content? Yes, in the home button
How to motivate children with role models? Tell the story of the role model with the child, and then guide the child to complete the task.
How to motivate children with growth? Envision your future self with the child, and guide the children to complete the task
How to motivate children with honor? Explain to the child what is honour in the app, then guide the child to unlock the honour by completing the task
How to motivate children with prizes? Introduce various prizes with children, then guide children to complete the task
How to motivate children with friends ? Tell your children how to communicate with your friends, the guide them to complete
How to see my children’s study guide? From homepage directory course
How to access learning modules? From homepage directory course
Why should my child take an exam before learning? We are using an efficient learning method by skipping the concepts that children have already known. 
What is learning magic? Encouraging children by helping them to unlock their learning potential
How games stimulate children’s learning potential?  Learning from playing. 
Can Amath be used at school? Yes
What assessment methods do Amath have?  There are 6 dimensions of learning evaluation methods available. 
What is the scoreboard evaluation? To evaluate the number of questions. 
What is the transcript evaluation? To evaluate the efficiency of completing tasks
What does a study certificate evaluate? To evaluate courses completions
What does the leaderboard evaluation evaluate? To evaluate the learning level of children among other learners. 
What does the graduation certificate evaluate?  To evaluate the completion of grade
How can parents get access to their children’s academic performance? There is a list of transcripts on the homepage
How can parents check their children’s learning progress? By accessing homepage directory 
How can parents help their children to strengthen learning rankings?  By accessing the homepage leaderboard.
How can parents check their children’s learning process?  By accessing the homepage scoreboard list.
How can parents check their children’s learning time?  By accessing the transcript on the homepage. 
How do you share children’s learning achievements with relatives and friends? Through personalized sharing opinion.
Why can’t I download and use Amath?  Please check if you have downloaded the latest version.
Why does the click not respond? It would help if you had logistics to use it, and you cannot use it without a network.
Is it compatible with an Ipad? Yes
Can I log in with another account?  Yes, you can log in by changing your account settings on the homepage. 
Do I need to log in again if I change the device?  Use account password to log in 
How to reset the password?  Retrieve the password from the promoted email 
How to change the character avatar setting? Dressing up 
What technical requirements does Amath have?  Need a piece of general equipment, such as an iPad
How can I change my name? Under personal settings 
Which operating systems cannot be used?  Systems before Android 6 and before ios 9 are not supported for Amath
What does the Grand Prix do? Equivalent to semester exams. 
Who participated in the big challenge? Everyone can have one opportunity to participate 
How to use the redemption? Redemption is used for personal image dress up. 
Why can’t I upload my child’s photos? Due to the policy of children’s privacy
What do I need to change? Need to earn coins interactively
How do I get a replacement gold coin?  Earn by punching in/ sharing/ drawing/big challenges
Are there any offline events? Yes, mathematics gamification learning exchange activities will be held regularly 
Why is there a lucky draw?  For improving fun learning 
Why can’t we use the draw?  There is only one chance to win a lottery 
What is the use of drawing bonus coins?  Gold coins can be changed 
Why do you have a music background?  Music stimulates brain cells to promote learning. 
Why did you learn to punch in?  Cultivate students to learn the plan
How to use a punch card?  First, by carrying out a learning plan, then press the plan to punch in.  
Is the learning app free to use?  The Amath is free; paid users have no ads with multiple permissions. 
Who has developed the Amath?  Developed by Jack, who has 25 years of educational product development experience
Who should I contact if I need additional help?  Please send us a message directly through the information release button. 
“Review” Button Accessing review opinion can help children to review the previous materials
“?” question mark button Clicking question mark can link to the module
“P” upper case P button Clicking “P” can choose the course level. 
What function does the P course category have? Preview course materials and review questions for children
Why are there course pictures for each grade? Preview course materials for each grade.
What are 12 models? 12 modules can help children get to know the course plan
How many study guides are available? There are 180 study guides available for children
How many questions and answers? There are 1800 questions and answers with pictures to help children become a fast learner. 
What’s gonna happen if I click the “Start” button on the homepage? I can start answering the questions.
What does “Challenge” mean on the homepage? By clicking “Challenge”, children can have one opportunity each day to challenge themselves.
How can I use the “Favorite” button? By clicking “Favorite”, children can make a collection of those difficult questions.
What are the five model buttons? Allowing students to check how many models they have gotten.
What’s the meaning of the motivation processing phrase? It’s a notification for students to remind them of their learning process.
What’s the function of the transcript? Help children to check their overall grades. 
What is the “Growth” button on the homepage? Children can unlock a new “Growth” bypassing new course materials
What is the “Mate” button on the homepage? Children can unlock a new “Mate” bypassing new course materials
What is the “Mathematics model” button on the homepage? Children can unlock a new “Mathematics model” by passing new course materials.
What is the “Reward” button on the homepage? Children can unlock a new “Reward” by passing new course materials.
What is the “Prize” button on the homepage? Children can unlock a new “Prize” by passing new course materials.
What does certificate/diploma mean? A certificate/diploma means a milestone to measure children’s learning process.
What does ranking mean? Children can see their today’s and overall ranking.
What does scoreboard mean? Children can see their scores in our database.
What does the course process mean? Children can use the course process to measure their study.
What does a badge mean? A badges means prize for children that can encourage them to do more coursework