Mastering math skills from game

They will love math

By wrapping math problems into games, practices won’t be boring anymore

Complements materials learned in class

Courses and problems designed following Common Core standards

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Check on their progress anytime, anywhere!

Course overview

Our courses are designed by teaching experts, following the Common Core Standards. Each Grade consists 12 modules, representing 12 Month. One module per month.



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Test, Learn, Repeat
The unique "Test before Learn" method, saves time for materials that are already mastered. 

“This is actually the first time that my son wants to spend time learning because Amath is so fun.”
Mellia L.
Amath parent
“My daughter aces her school math tests after using Amath.”
Liz Y.
Amath parent
“Amath is challenging but very fun. My daughter worked hard on math problems just to get new outfits.”
Janet Z.
Amath parent
“With Amath, my son mastered the entire semester’s materials within days. “
Tina M.
Amath parent

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