Study goal

What workbooks do preschoolers need? How to solve the problem that children dislike math? How to solve the problem that children do not want to do math homework? How to overcome children’s fear of math learning? How to increase children’s interest in math learning? How to stimulate children’s potential in learning mathematics? Amath perfectly solves these problems.

Amath is a gamified math homework practice application, specially developed for K-12 students with difficult math homework. It is different from other popular math exercise products on the market. Amath is easy to use on mobile devices. It uses game mechanics to make homework fun, and it’s free.

Each grade of Amath contains 12 modules, representing 12 months of study per year; each module has 15 courses, representing 15 days of study per month; a total of 180 courses, representing 180 days of learning content. Course content includes mathematical cognition, calculation, judgment, image thinking, spatial perception, hand-eye coordination, color, logical thinking, visual ability, etc.

The Amath application adopts a mode of taking an exam before studying. It chooses a correct answer from 4 answers. Through five kinds of gamification motivation methods that students like; five kinds of learning environment atmosphere construction; six-dimensional learning effect evaluation; six kinds of learning auxiliary methods, comprehensively establish students’ gamification learning mode, so that students can learn in relaxed and happy math .

Amath is the favorite homework for children to learn math.