Be the King of Gamified Practice Apps

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

In traditional practice-type learning apps, an important problem is that the practice completion rate is not high. In other words, students are not willing to take the initiative to do exercises, but gamification can solve this problem.

Amath develops and designs a practice app based on game mechanics and test points library. This app not only has the function of practice, but also uses game mechanics to stimulate interest in practice. Allow users to generate flow during the exercise. Makes players love to study like a schoolmaster, and get good results in exams.

This is a brand-new practice mode, and it is also the application of gamification in the education field. Practice is the best way for students to score high in the exam. Just develop a question bank for each subject test site. Combined with the use of game mechanics, the endogenous driving force of this field game greatly improves the practice completion rate. Amath will become the global gamification practice king, creating a new situation for practice apps.

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