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Gamification Practice Become Students’ Favorite

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

In gamification practice Amath, the most obvious feature is timely feedback and incentive mechanism. Timely feedback helps parents check their children’s learning progress and achievements, and the incentive mechanism solves the problem of users’ learning motivation. The two mechanisms are integrated, and the gamification practice app has become the most popular product for students.

For students, timely feedback is equivalent to adding a 24-hour teacher. The incentive mechanism is equivalent to increasing the enthusiasm of learning. Amath makes users fall in love with math and indulge in it.

Feedback and encouragement not only solve the problem of learning performance, but also combine learning with fun.Under the continuous encouragement and guidance, the user completes the practice task, which means the corresponding learning task is completed. The test score will naturally be greatly improved. Therefore, gamification practice has become the favorite tool of students.


Amath’s reward mechanism

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Many education apps have a low completion rate. One of the main reasons is that the apps are not motivated enough, which makes it impossible for players to complete tasks spontaneously without external pressure.

According to the psychological characteristics of users of different age levels, amath carefully designs corresponding incentive methods, and innovates in forms such as pictures and special effects to stimulate players’ enthusiasm and increase attractiveness.

Amath puts a variety of incentives in the education app, so that the product has an endogenous incentive function. Players are unknowingly motivated, forming positive psychological feedback, and ultimately improving the completion rate of the product. Users also fell in love with the exercises.

product description

Amath Makes Users Fall in Love with Math

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Gamification practice allows users to practice the principles of falling in love with mathematics. First of all, the practice is a game. Users will only participate in the game when they are interested. The goal of passing through the game is also the learning goal.

In the process of players working hard to complete their goals, they get positive feedback. Amath strengthens the user’s sense of accomplishment, participation, and self-confidence, so that users like to do exercises and love to learn math.

While playing the game, players constantly strengthen their goals, upgrade their own skills, constantly learn new knowledge, complete new challenges, and gradually fall in love with doing exercises, so as to get high scores during the exam and enter the next positive cycle. Users continue to complete the game and achieve their educational goals, get high scores in the exam and get a grade A.