Table of Contents
  Common Question
  Questions about Study
  Questions about ratings
  Technical Questions
  Event Questions
  Other Questions
Common Questions

Q: What is AMATH?

A: AMATH is a Math game app. 

Q: Who is AMATH Designed for?

A: AMATH is designed for children from age 4 to 15

Q: What courses does AMATH have?

A: AMATH Contains all courses from preschool to 8th grade.

Q: Does AMATH meet the Common Core State Standards?

A: Yes, AMATH courses were designed according to the Common     Core standards

Q: What is included in the Amath grade course?
A: Contents of Math Learning

Q: What courses are included in the Amath module?
A: Knowledge points to be mastered in mathematics for each grade

Q: How many questions does each course of Amath contain?
A: There are 6 questions

Q: What is the difference between the 6 questions in each Amath course?

A: Strengthen knowledge learning from multiple dimensions
Q: What are the types of Amath questions?

A: Questions and answers/fill in the blanks/choice/judgment/calculation

Q: What abilities does the Amath course cultivate students?
A: Mathematical Thinking Ability

Q: Does Amath have tutorial books?
A: No

Q: Is Amath an offline tutoring school?
A: No

Q: Does Amath have courses in other subjects?
A: Not now

Q: How is the study time of the Amath course determined?
A: Can be arranged independently according to personal mathematics foundation and learning progress


Questions about studies

Q: From which grade does the child learn well?
A: Step by step from low to high

Q: How do I get my child’s account?
A: Parents help apply

Q: Can I use a tablet to study?
A: can

Q: What kind of learning methods are adopted to guide children to learn?
A: It is best to study with parents, who are the children’s tutors

Q: What are the learning incentive methods?
A: Growth/model/small partner/model/honor 5 incentives

Q: How to motivate children to complete tasks?
A: First tell the story with the child, set the motivational goal that needs to be won, and then guide the child to learn to complete the task.

Q: Do parents need to study with their children?
A: Need to guide and check children’s learning

Q: Can the music be adjusted?
A: Sound effect setting switch

Q: Will children be addicted to games?
A: No, it will only increase the motivation to learn

Q: Is there any repetition of learning?
A: Yes, in the homepage repeat button

Q: Can I collect key learning content?
A: Yes, in the homepage favorite button

Q: How to motivate children with role models?
A: Tell the story of the role model with the child, and then guide the child to complete the task to unlock the role model

Q: How to motivate children with growth?
A: Imagine the future self with the child, and then guide the child to complete the task to unlock growth

Q: How to motivate children with honor?
A: Tell your child what honor is, and then guide the child to complete the task to unlock the honor

Q: How to motivate children with prizes?
A: Introduce various prizes to children, and then guide them to complete tasks to win prizes

Q: How to motivate children with friends?
A: Talk to the child about the communication methods of the buddy, and then guide the child to complete the task to unlock the buddy

Q: How to see the picture of the child’s study guide?
A: Home directory course

Q: How to see the picture of the learning module?
A: Home directory module

Q: Why take the exam first and learn later?
A: This is an efficient learning method that removes what the child already knows from repeated learning

Q: What is learning magic?
A: Improve children’s learning enthusiasm through motivation and tap learning potential

Q: Why can games stimulate children’s learning potential?
A: Play is the nature of children



Questions about ratings

Q: What assessment methods does Amath have?
A: There are 6 dimensions of learning assessment method

Q: What is the scoreboard assessment?
A: Number of assessment questions

Q: What does the transcript evaluate?
A: Evaluate the efficiency of the question

Q: What does the study certificate evaluate?
A: Assess course completion

Q: What does the leaderboard evaluation evaluate?
A: Assess the learning position among classmates

Q: What does the graduation certificate evaluate?
A: Assess grade completion

Q: How do parents view their children’s academic performance?
A: Search through the homepage transcript list

Q: How do parents watch their children’s learning progress?
A: Search through the homepage catalog

Q: Parents strengthen their children’s learning ranking?
A: Query through the homepage ranking

Q: How do parents view their children’s learning process?
A: Query through the homepage scoreboard list

Q: How do parents view their children’s study time?
A: Check through the homepage transcript

Q: How to send children’s learning achievements to relatives and friends?
A: Share through personalization


Technical Questions

Q: I’ve downloaded but the app won’t open.
A: Please check if the latest version is downloaded.

Q: Why is there no response when clicking?
A: You need a network to use it, and you cannot use it without a network.

Q: Is it compatible with IPAD
A: compatible

Q: Can I change my account to log in?
A: Yes, change the account to log in in the owner’s personal settings

Q: Do I need to log in again to change the device?
A: Account password login

Q: How to find the password?
A: Retrieve password by promotion email

Q: How to change the profile picture settings?
A: Dress up

Q: What are the technical requirements for Amath?
A: A android phone or tablet. IOS coming soon!

Q: Can I change my name?
A: Personal settings

Q: Which operating systems can no longer be used?
A: Before Android 6 and before Apple 9


event Questions

Q: What does the Grand Prix do?
A: To replace semester exams

Q: Who will participate in the Grand Challenge?
A: Can participate

Q: How to use the award?
A: Redemption for personal image change

Q: Why can’t I upload a picture of my child?
A: Children’s privacy protection

Q: What do I need to change?
A: Need to earn coins to interact

Q: How to get reload gold coins?
A: Earn by checking in/sharing/lottery/big challenge activities

Q: Are there activities offline?
A: Yes, regular math game-based learning exchange activities will be held

Q: Why is there a lottery?
A: Improve learning fun

Q: Why can’t the lottery be used?
A: There is only one chance to draw after one level

Q: What is the use of drawing bonus coins?
A: Gold coins can be changed

Q: Why do you have music?
A: Music stimulates brain cells to promote learning

Q: What is the check-in function for?
A: Cultivate students’ study planning

Q: How to use the check-in function?
A: Make a learning plan first, then press the button to plan to check-in, you can also share and let parents verify


Other Questions

Q: Will the app be free?
A: The game is free, with no ads for paying users, and multiple permissions.

Q: Who developed the game?
A: Developed by JACK with 25 years of educational product development experience and a group of game engineers.

Q: What should I do if the game has other problems?
A: Send a message directly to us (information release button)


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