Why Amath

AMATH for Game Education,A source of inspiration for children’s mathematics!



Save parental supervision and planning time, learning data visualization, and children’s academic performance visible.
Children can get magic from their studies. Multi-dimensional assessment of academic performance, enhance learning confidence!

Learn from the game, is that possible? 

The answer is, definitely! Many kids have learned quite a lot from games. For example, I got good at math from playing card games and Monopoly. But those games aren’t even designed for educational purposes. What if we make a game that is dedicated to educational purposes?

Amath is a math game app that is designed to replace boring paper workbooks. Our idea is to wrap math practices with game mechanics. 

The benefit of game learning:

  • Amath is interesting to the kids. The math problems are presented in a form of a game. It has music and pretty pictures that are attractive to the kids, helping them concentrate on the learning.  
  • Amath is interactive. With traditional workbooks, kids will have to fill in each question, then a grader, whether parents or teacher will grade their solutions and return to them. In my school experience, many teachers, to save their time, will often tell children to grade each other’s work, which will be inaccurate. If one solution is wrong, they will get a big red cross on the book. But with Amath, kids will get feedback immediately. If they got one wrong, they just need to redo it. 
  • Multiple reward systems. There are many different ways we use in the app to encourage and reward students. For each question answered,  a certain amount of gold is rewarded, which can be used to exchange for outfits, pets, etc. There is also a ranking list to let the kids have some friendly competitions. 



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2004:Begain interweb;

2010:Start game education concept;

2014:Entering Silicon Valley;

2016:Develop educational mobile games;

2019:AMATH Birth!

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