User Guide

There are 24 buttons on the main menu, all of them are click-able.

1:Course catalog

2:course abstract


4:daily sign-in calendar


6: luck draw



9:Prize and reward

10: playmates

11: badge


13: certificates


15:Favorite (all your save study  guides.)

16:Game Story


18:Daily challenge

19:Sound setting

20: customer service

21: settings

22: The start button

23: player avatar, click to switch outfits

24: change grade level

Tap the icons to choose your answer.

Questions are timed!

If stuck, tap the upper-right corner for hint and study guide

Study Guide

A smiley face indicates it is a correct example

A Sad face indicates it is an incorrect example

You can always Save the study guide by tapping the star icon in the upper-right corner(circled in red) for quick access.

Once saved, you can quickly access it from main page, favorite (#15) 

Course Catalog

1.Module overview, tap to see all the problems in the module

2. Course overview, tap to see all the study guide in the course guide. Tap to see the study guide for that problem

4. Module , tap to see all questions and answers in the module


1. tap to see all the questions in the moduke

2. tap to see the study guide

3. tap to go over all the questions in the module