Meet our CEO

Strong Track Records:

  • Founder of Dragon Spine Culture Communication Co., Changsha.   
    • Became number one publisher in Changsha Elementary Library.
  • Founder of Dragon Spine Book Co. ,Beijing.  
    • Became number one publisher in the National Elementary Library. 
  • Founder of Star of Campus Technology Co. Beijing. 
    • Ranked number one in nationwide elementary to secondary school resource websites. 
  • Founder of Ehuayu Company in Silicon Valley
    • Mobile App entrepreneur, mobile educational game development, products include Ehuayu app, Qudong learning app, etc., in a leading position in the world of mobile educational games.

Educational Believes:

I am always passionate about education and believe that it is the key to change the world. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that education has been increasingly affected by technologies.

 I have been working in the education technology industry, from workbooks to mobile education, then to mobile game education. I always believe that we should invest our best in education. Now my profession background is to gamify education. My research area is on gamified education and development. By working with companies, I have developed games on over 300 different academic topics and composed over 1200 papers on gamified of education. 

Those apps that are already in use, can increase the passion for learning, stimulates students’ learning potential, thereby changing students’ learning behavior.

As an advisor, I worked with a Chinese company and developed many impactful educational apps, covering topics such as Space exploration and Chinese. Those apps are successful and have accumulated over one million users. 

To promote learning, we often use various kinds of games to help the process, for example we used serveral language learning games in my early research area. I developed a language learning app that focuses on children aged 3 to 9, available in IOs and Google play store. This app is now widely used by elementary students in China. 

Based on previous research results, combined with the mobile app trend, I led the development of Amath. Wraps math concepts and practices with game mechanics, creating an advanced learning workbook. Stimulates student’s learning motivation, improving their calculation ability, and cultivate their learning habits, helping them get an A in math.