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5 Ways to Make Learning Math More Fun

Math can be a hit or miss subject for students. When it comes to learning math, there is often no middle ground, and this makes it a difficult subject for teachers to teach. To help students learn math concepts in class, and have the confidence to transfer those skills to real-life situations, educators must find ways to better teach the subject.The following are five ways to make learning math fun: 1.Enthusiasm Teachers need to show the same amount of enthusiasm … Continue reading “5 Ways to Make Learning Math More Fun”

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My Power—AMATH

What power accompanies them through the dark moment? What power supported them to reach the center of 10,000 people? It’s the ability to fight desperately; It’s the kind of indignation and deep hatred; It’s the kind of unforgettable love power; It’s the kind of deeply recognized belief power; It’s the kind of mission force that changes the world; It’s the kind of self-fulfilling interest; It’s the kind of money power of the rich … It is these forces that activate … Continue reading “My Power—AMATH”