AMATH K Grade Parent Test Invitation

AMATH K Grade Parent Test Invitation Letter
1. Product Description:
There are 24 buttons on the main page, and each button can be clicked into for experience. K grades are tested internally at this stage.
2. The product is currently only tested on the Android system. Requires an Android phone or tablet.
3. AMATH download path:
AMATH.US download
2. Test requirements:
1. The goal is user experience. Need to find the user’s problems in the use process. The user age is 4-7 years old.
2. Internal test process: parent-child interactive test. Parents download the game to complete the registration. Registration requires email mailbox. Then teach children to use, pay attention to the problems that children use,
3. This test is conducted from the perspective of parents, with feedback from the perspective of parents.

Three, test reward:
1. Complete all 1800 questions in the K-grade course and pay $10.
2. For each question and each suggestion, fill in the internal measurement table and calculate it at 0.5 dollars each (the same question appears in different places and only counts once). Direct venmo payment in cash.
3. Suggestions include creativity, ideas, etc. unlimited. Good ideas increase rewards.


Submit your suggestions and bug found to

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