Let Children Fall in Love with Mathematics by Themselves

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Every parent hopes that their children will learn mathematics well and their children will fall in love with mathematics. How to make their children fall in love with math? Parents need to provide children with a home learning environment with their own hands. For example, children can paint at home, play with the alphabet and number toys, and number games.

Preschool education provides math activities guided by adults, such as number rhymes and games, and self-care. Research also shows that early mathematics education’s focus is to cultivate the concept and sense of numbers, especially the understanding of the meaning of number symbols.

Other early factors include: knowing the numbers on dice and domino games; comparing the size of numbers, such as the comparison of 5 and 7, and knowing the result of adding one or reducing one. On this basis, children need to understand the meaning of number combinations.

Research shows that reasoning and understanding are more critical than knowledge. Therefore, it is more important to strengthen the understanding of knowledge by letting children do it themselves.

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