What learning performance feedback mechanisms does Amath have?

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Amath gamification exercises include performance feedback mechanisms, specifically:

  1. Practice badges. You will get a badge after completing a course exercise.
  2. Practice certificate: You will get a practice certificate after completing a course practice.
  3. Transcript: a process evaluation index for the completion of a course exercise.
  4. Scoreboard: The current cumulative number of answers.
  5. Practice ranking: horizontal comparison of practice progress with other learners.
  6. Great Challenge Ranking: Feedback with other students’ PK results.
  7. Course progress display: watch how many courses you have learned and how many courses have not been learned.
  8. Answering progress display: how many questions have been answered in a course, and how many questions need to be answered.
  9. Module progress display: how many modules have been learned in a grade and how many modules have not been learned.

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