What Kind of Game Mechanics Does Amath Have?

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

The game practice product Amath has the following game mechanisms:

  1. Lottery draw: users randomly draw a lottery, and gold coins are used for dressing to improve the game’s sense of feeling.
  2. Check-in: Users will be rewarded with check-in every day, which increases the sense of participation in the game.
  3. Plot: Bring meaning to the game and increase the sense of mission.
  4. Motivation: Motivate users from the 5 latitudes of role model, growth, partners, prizes, and honors.
  5. Ranking: Look at your total ranking and daily ranking.
  6. Motivation reminder: increase the sense of purpose of the game.
  7. Dress up: Inspire picture growth/model/partner/prizes to dress up. Increase the sense of personal accomplishment.
  8. Big challenge: User duel increases the challenge.

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