Amath, A Screaming App for Math Practice

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Getting good grades is the most coveted goal of every student. The best way is to use the questioning tactics. The questioning tactics are to do more questions, do more exercises, and do more simulation tests related to the test site. However, in the process of traditional questioning tactics, students feel bored, and it is difficult to stick to it. After a few questions, they cannot go on. They started looking for other pastimes aimlessly to kill time.

Starting from the human instinct, Amath turns the game into a game, and uses the game mechanism to stimulate students’ enthusiasm for practice, so that students can generate heart flow when answering questions in the game, and form a habit of automatic and spontaneous answering.

This is a screaming app for improving scores, and it is also a practice artifact for students to raise scores in exams.

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