Amath Changes the Way of Practice

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

There are many kinds of APP products for math exercises, and most of them are innovative in practice question types. The mode of the practice app is basically a variety of different question types, plus real-time feedback to help students practice. But one of the fundamental problems of these apps is that they are not interesting and the completion rate of APP learning is not high. How to solve this problem is the problem of education APP.

Amath Math Practice APP uses game mechanisms to stimulate learning enthusiasm, and it also uses a question bank to ensure learning efficiency. While answering questions, students enjoy the fun of the game, and at the same time get high scores because of practice in the exam.

This is a new model for students’ practice products in the market, and it is also a brand-new practice APP product, gamification APP, focusing on the motivation of learning, tapping the learning potential, allowing students to learn in games, and making exercises unconsciously addictive.

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