Amath, Redefine the Practice App

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

The teaching assistant is the tutoring of learning, which is mainly presented in the form of practice for students, such as synchronized exercises, unit tests, special training, mock examinations, learning exercises, etc; a great effect of these supplementary materials is to improve test scores.

In the mobile Internet era, teaching and guidance materials have also changed and are presented in the form of APP. They use the interactive function of the mobile Internet to achieve real-time feedback, so that the results of the exercise can be quickly verified, which greatly improves the efficiency of the exercise.

However, a big problem with the question bank type APP is that the completion rate is not high. Amath takes the game mechanism to solve this problem. Integrate the game mechanics into the education app and become a brand-new practice app.

The amath game-based practice APP stimulates students’ learning motivation through the game mechanism, greatly improves the enthusiasm for learning, redefines the teaching assistant practice APP, practice in the game, and turns the practice into a game. Practice is a game.

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