Turning Practice into Games, How Does Amath Do It?

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Many educators are eager to make learning as fun as games, which is the gamified learning we often hear.

On the one hand, gamification in the teaching process makes the teaching lively, interesting and attractive; on the other hand, the practice is gamified so that students do homework, tests and other exercises to become interesting and fun. In traditional product design, there are many incompatibilities between games and learning. The result is that learning is learning and games are games. It is difficult for the two to be compatible. Amath starts with practice, devotes itself to practicing boring problems, and integrates the practice with the intellectual breakthrough in the game, making the exercises like an intellectual knowledge game.At the same time, various gamified incentives, lottery, sign-in, big challenge, sound effects, story, dress-up and other game mechanisms are blessed, which makes the game-play of practice more strengthened.

This is Amath’s code of attraction, turning practice into the internal logic of the game. The endogenous motivation that makes learning addictive.

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