How Does It Feel to Practice in The Game?

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

This may be the dream of every student: You can complete exercises and complete your own learning plan while playing games.

Parents always think that learning is learning, and games are games. Parents always don’t allow their children to have too much contact with electronic products. In essence, learning and games have a lot in common. For example, the breakthrough in the game is like a test in the study; the strategy in the game is like a study guide in the study; the score in the game is like the test score in the study.

This builds the theoretical basis for in-game practice and learning in the game. Practicing in games will make the exercises as fun as games, and students will easily produce flow during the exercises, which not only makes the exercises addictive, but also gets high scores in the exams after the exercises.

Therefore, amath will give students a completely different learning experience and make learning better.

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