Amath Makes Users Fall in Love with Math

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Gamification practice allows users to practice the principles of falling in love with mathematics. First of all, the practice is a game. Users will only participate in the game when they are interested. The goal of passing through the game is also the learning goal.

In the process of players working hard to complete their goals, they get positive feedback. Amath strengthens the user’s sense of accomplishment, participation, and self-confidence, so that users like to do exercises and love to learn math.

While playing the game, players constantly strengthen their goals, upgrade their own skills, constantly learn new knowledge, complete new challenges, and gradually fall in love with doing exercises, so as to get high scores during the exam and enter the next positive cycle. Users continue to complete the game and achieve their educational goals, get high scores in the exam and get a grade A.

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