Gamification Practice, Creating a New Paradigm of Educational Practice

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Among the three sections of education/ practice/ examination, one of the links that we usually overlook is practice. In fact, practice is the best response to the consolidation of learning knowledge and the best response to high exam scores, an important part of learning.

The University of Washington research report pointed out that practice is the most effective learning paradigm. The practice of schoolmasters has proved that doing more practice on the question is the most effective method for getting high test scores.

The Carnegie Mellon Interactive Entertainment Technology Center is the world’s top research institution on interactive technology. The Duolingo language practice app, invented by Professor Luis Feng An, is now the best app for language practice in the world. It is used by more than 300 million users and is officially recognized by many schools as a test score for ordinary language learning. It has also become a model for the application of interactive technology in the field of education apps. Achieve the world’s greatest language practice tool product.

However, Duolingo has one of the biggest shortcomings. The completion rate of users is not high, and the users’ learning and practicing motivation is not strong, and it is difficult to generate the flow of learning and practicing. It can only be completed under the supervision of external forces.

How to solve this problem, Amath provides the best solution by embedding the game mechanism into the practice app and integrating it into a brand new gamified practice product.Practice is a game, and the problem is to break through the level, so that the user can stimulate interest through the game mechanism in the practice, and generate interest in the process of concentrating on the level, so as to experience the fun of completing the game. This also completes the goal of the exercise.

With this brand-new design, Amath has built a new paradigm for human education. From then on, students’ exercises have become fun and challenged. Games change practice, games make practice addictive, and games make education better.

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