Do exercises like games, Amath is your best helper

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Amath is a game-based practice product. The fundamental starting point is to let students do exercises like games.

There are various training and exercises in education, such as homework, classroom exercises, special training, mock exams, etc, which are all boring and troublesome.

In response to this problem, Amath uses the concept and mechanism of gamification to design the exercises into one-by-one game-breaking questions. This not only simplifies the exercises, but also allows students to pass the test step by step. At the same time, 20 game mechanisms and 100 psychological guidance greatly stimulate students’ learning potential and fully mobilize the power of interest for practicing through levels.It enables students to form an interest in practice under the action of gamification, so as to complete the practice process very quickly, which greatly increases their interest in learning.

This is the basic educational logic of Amath products, and it is also the fundamental guarantee for students to add points to the exam. We can imagine that doing exercises is like playing games. Who won’t like it and who won’t be addicted?

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