How Amath Helps Students Set Learning Goals?

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

The Amath sets learning goals for each player step-by-step. This is mainly reflected in the planning of the learning curriculum and the design of exercise levels.

The practice levels and the learning curriculum planning are unified, and players can clearly see what they need to learn, the levels that need to be completed, and the incentives they receive.

The player sees the course schedule, the motivation prompt bar, and the answering progress shows these quantitative indicators, it is easy to see the learning goals that they have completed, and they need to continue to achieve the goals.

The learning goals are clearly set there, which makes the players have a strong sense of purpose for the school. So as to encourage players to learn automatically and spontaneously.

The learning goal is a major factor in the player’s active learning, and it is also a visible manifestation of the player’s learning achievements.

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