What Problem Does Amath Solve for Parents?

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

For parents, children’s lack of interest in learning is the most troublesome problem for parents. However, Amath just solves the problem of children’s homework and makes children fall in love with learning in the game.

Amath designed homework as a game to solve the problem of children’s homework motivation from the source. Doing homework is playing games, and of course children are willing to do games. This solves the problem that parents need to supervise their children to do homework.

Amath games incorporate knowledge points into the question bank. Children are playing games, but they are actually practicing, which is of great help to the exam. Amath lays the foundation for high scores in the exams for children. This solves parents’ concerns about their children’s test scores.

Amath uses the game mechanism to stimulate children’s learning potential. In the gradual game process, Amath stimulates children’s learning potential through the game mechanism, guides children to maximize their learning potential, and gets the highest score. This solves the problem of children’s study exam ranking.

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