Amath Make Homework Easy and Fun

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Learning is not a difficult thing. The difficult thing is to complete the homework, which is also a means to test the effect of learning. Amath gamified the workbook to make children fall in love with learning and doing exercises.

First of all, the homework is gamified, and the original homework is turned into the game. They are playing games when the children do their homework, and the homework becomes easy and fun, which inspires players’ enthusiasm and learning.

In addition, the mobile app form allows players to do homework anytime and anywhere which solves homework inconvenience problems.

Gamification solves the motivation for homework, and mobile solves the inconvenience of homework. Under these two concepts, Amath merges into a brand-new gamification homework product, which greatly innovates the form of homework and becomes synonymous with easy and fun gamified homework.

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