Amath Gamified the Practice to Make It Fun and Easy

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Doing multiple-choice questions may be a lingering behavior that accompanies each of us for a lifetime. From doing exercises when we were little, to doing testing for obtaining various certificates. Doing exercises is an essential training to achieve excellent results. We need to get good results in order to have better rewards and opportunities when we face various exams in our lives.

Amath gamified the problem-solving, and broke through the constraints of the original math learning app, and integrated the game mechanics into the math training, making the problem-solving into a task; in this way the amath’s  process is the process of game breakthrough.

Under this gamified problem-solving mechanism, players are no longer repulsive of  math learning. Because this is a game that you like, humans have a natural sense of intimacy and innate interest in the game itself.

In this way, the players have the interest to do the questions, the efficiency of the questions will be improved, and they will naturally get high scores on exams.

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