Amath Gamification Math Practice Mobile App Development Plan

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Amath gamification math mobile App redefine PRACTICE products, presenting traditional exercises in a gamified and mobile way, making exercises a fun and easy game, thereby increasing users enthusiasm for practicing and inspiring learning potential. 

As far as I am concerned, education includes three aspects: study/practice/examination. Practice supplements and consolidates the study, and  it’s also the basic requirement for good results in the examination. Amath is positioned as a practice workbook, which is to supplement learning and training before exams.

Amath improves the shortcomings of traditional exercise products. It incorporates advanced and efficient learning theories in terms of motivation, goals, and incentives. Amath makes the exercises fun and educational.

Amath’s gamification math practice mobile App development plan is based on K12 students’ mathematics and gradually expanded to all grades, all subjects, and social test subjects. In the end, amath became one of the world’s largest gamification practice centers and became synonymous with fun practice.

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