What is the attraction of Amath?

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Getting a high score in the exam needs a lot of practice, so the related websites and books are endless. However, doing exercises is always a painful thing for every student, so most students always give it up. Students will not do exercises voluntarily, they always need the supervision of teachers or parents.

Amath started with this point and integrated the practice into the game’s clearance. In other words, Amath designed the exercises into games, so that students do not feel that they are doing exercises, but are playing games.The game drives the children to do exercises voluntarily, allowing students to unknowingly tap their learning potential, and complete the exercises in the game.

This design concept of using the game mechanism for exercises fundamentally solves students’ interest, motivation, and goal problems in doing exercises. In this way, students change their mentality from passive learning to active learning. This is the real attraction of Amath gamification practice.

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