Amath: Use gamification exercises to get high scores

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Amath is a game-based practice product, a practice platform for learning knowledge and improving test scores.

Amath finds the test points from practice questions and transforms them into games. In this way, doing homework becomes a game breakthrough, which improves the fun of the workbook. Amath help children to change the learning method.

Amath makes full use of multiple game mechanics, such as rankings/honors/prizes/points, etc. to stimulate players’ various learning potentials. It makes learning a self-initiated drive behavior, which greatly improves learning efficiency.

Amath learning performance evaluation feedback system makes learning progress, academic performance and learning efficiency visible, and greatly improves the sense of learning achievement.

Amath is changing the way of practice-book, allowing users to complete the exercises in the game, so that the exam can get high scores.

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