How to solve the problem of homework for children?

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Homework may be a painful memory for every child. Children have to finish a lot of tasks, such as homework, after-school exercises, and grade tests. However, this is the most basic way to evaluate the learning effect, and it is also the basic method to promote children learning.

How to make homework more interesting? How to overcome the resistance to doing homework?  How to stimulate the learning potential of every child’s learner? Amath explores the use of game mechanisms in students’ homework answers and tests. In order to increase children’s interest in learning through games, Amath  uses games to stimulate children’s learning potential, so that children’s homework is equivalent to playing games and learning mathematics in games.

Amath integrates games and learning, and promotes the automatic completion of learning through game mechanisms. It is a very novel and advanced learning concept, and it is worth trying for every parent. Maybe your child’s mathematical talents are released in gamification.

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