Amath: A new learning philosophy

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Amath aims to help children develop proper learning habits via its gamification approach. It attracts and motivates children to maintain high level of interests and efforts in math practice games.  

Amath shapes children’s behaviors and help them realize learning potential. Immersing in math practice games, children complete sufficient amount of practice, master math capabilities,  receive honors and feel a sense of achievement.

In essence, Amath aims to solve the learner motivation issue. Amath’s core philosophy is not to rely on famous teachers, but to stimulate leaner’s innate learning interests, and to allow them mastering math through adaptive learning practices in the course!


Amath focuses on the practice session, which is a useful supplement to classroom learning. It is a new approach to math practice that improves learning efficacy.


Amath has carefully developed a large inventory of math questions, comprehensive and by grade.  It also designed earning guides, learning key loops and infinite loop review settings, which can be used by students to customize their learning experience.