Why do we need educational games?

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

Education can be a painful process. Students need to spend time studying and need to reinforce what they have learned – spending even more time on practices and homework.

Are there any shortcuts? Unfortunately, no. Practices is the only way to mastery. Maybe there’s a way to make practice more enjoyable? When I was a student, I often wondered why learning was so boring and why video games were so addictive. What if we make learning as addictive as games?

Amath is the solution I found. It combines game mechanics with math practice problems. Think of the popular RPG games, where players have to slain monsters over and over again to level up. In Amath, instead of “killing monster”, students put in the effort to solve math problems and get rewarded. There is also a ranking system to promote friendly competition.


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