What to do if your kids are struggling with math

By Yuefei Su, CEO of Amath

It’s not uncommon for kids to struggle with math. If you find your kids avoiding or getting upset doing math homework, then maybe it is a sign that they are struggling with math. But it is not because they are just bad with math. Studies show that no one is “naturally bad or good ” at something, it only takes practice to get good at one subject. Kids hate math because they have no interest in math and they think they are bad at it, so they will avoid doing math practice. That forms a vicious cycle. Avoiding practices and they will never get good with math, so they will keep avoiding math problems. Now you might ask, how do we break that loop? A simple answer is to make your kids do more practice, the best way to achieve that is to develop kids’ interest in math so that they will no longer think of math as a monster. Math practices are everywhere, they don’t exist only in workbooks. Getting your kids to buy candies or a bottle of water is math practice. Math is also used in games. One trick we can do is to play games with them. For example, Monopoly. Kids love games, they will never say no if you ask to play games with them. By playing games like Monopoly, kids will gain math practice while having fun. And they will never get bored at doing such practice. After a while, they will get good at simple calculations and find that their math class is not that hard after all.

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