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For the preschool children, the game world and the objective world together constitute their living space, in their view “play is study”.

AMATH is both playable and educational, so it becomes a good math teacher and helpful friend of children. Playability makes Amath a playmate for children; education makes Amath a perceptual bridge between abstract knowledge and children’s concrete thinking. 


Amath is the best mathematics teaching aid for children as a teacher and friend. Therefore, educators call for “to be game oriented”. They advocate providing students with a game-oriented learning environment and resources.


Many parents still don’t know that Amath, as a gamified math teaching aid, can greatly promote children’s learning potential. Amath stimulates children’s own learning potential from multiple dimensions, allowing children to experience the joy of learning mathematics.


Learning mathematics from games is no longer a child’s dream, but a child’s present. 


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