A very efficient learning method- Exams before study

Do we feel that we are wasting time and involuntarily making a small difference when the teacher is explaining the courses we are already familiar with?

However, if the teacher has a pre-exam before he explains, he will realize which part we know already. Therefore, the teacher’s lectures will be more focused, so that we can save the time of repeated learning and improve the learning efficiency. It is difficult to achieve this in traditional education, and traditional teaching guidance tools also adopt the method of learning before testing.

The AMATH learning software decomposes every mathematical knowledge point, and uses the interactivity of real-time feedback to design every knowledge before learning.

The question goes to next quickly if we answer correctly, or if we answer incorrectly the interface launches the study guide, we need to re-answer it until the correct answer is entered. AMATH allows us to understand our weak links at any time and learn in real time, which is more than 50% more efficient than traditional learning software.

This is what we call high-efficiency learning. Let your learning time be spent on knowledge that you don’t understand, and you can achieve better learning results in a shorter time.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qdkt.amath&hl=en

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