My Power—AMATH

What power accompanies them through the dark moment?

What power supported them to reach the center of 10,000 people?

It’s the ability to fight desperately;

It’s the kind of indignation and deep hatred;

It’s the kind of unforgettable love power;

It’s the kind of deeply recognized belief power;

It’s the kind of mission force that changes the world;

It’s the kind of self-fulfilling interest;

It’s the kind of money power of the rich …

It is these forces that activate the limits of their own potential that provide forward kinetic energy. However, for children, these are not adapted.

Only games that transcend life and death, emotions, goals, scolding, and money are the children’s favorite, an endogenous power like God’s help.

Today, we embed this power in children’s learning.

My Power—AMATH

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